Data East Star Wars – Ramp

Finally getting around to installing the new ramp I acquired two years ago. And while I was in there, I gave the playfield a good cleaning. Or I cleaned the playfield, and while I was in there I put in a new ramp. Ether way, new ramp and clean playfield.

Before cleaning, I removed the ramp, rails on both sides, Death Star, and R2. I cleaned the playfield with Simple Green and smoothed out scratches in a few spots with Novus 2. Finished the playfield with a layer of One Grand Blitz and polished the rails with Simichrome. Wire gates got a drop of 3-in-one where they touch metal. And finally a little Brakleen cleaner to remove oil from three new balls.

The new ramp fit into place before reassembling the rails. Played a few games, and my ramp shots are going over more consistently. No more annoying roll-backs!