Data East Star Wars – A Broken Switch

So my power switch broke, with an extra assist from me.

Yesterday I was switching it off and noticed the power switch (which is on the bottom of the cabinet) was very loose. After removing the power input box, I could see the mounting that attaches the switch to the mounting plate had broken off. The switch body and mount are plastic, so probably a bit of fortune that it lasted this long.

While this alone would necessitate replacing the switch, in my examinations the magic smoke was released. I had cut power to the machine, but not disconnected the power box from the transformer. So new switch it is!

The original switch is no longer available. (not that I’d want to put in a plastic replacement) The replacement suggested by several pinball supply sites is a rectangular rocker switch. As I’d rather not cut into the cabinet, I’ll be off to You Do It Electronics for a proper toggle switch with a metal body and round mount.

The original switch is part number 180-5001-00. It is a dual pole single throw (DPST) toggle switch. The rocker replacement for Data East and Stern machines is part number 180-5001-03.