Data East Star Wars – PinSound Plus

Data East pinball machines are known to have a distinct hum, and my Star Wars is no exception. I replaced the original sound board with a PinSound Plus board. This took care of the hum (mostly), improved the sound, and added the option to load different effects.

  • The Data East hum with the original sound board
  • Sounds of the game
  • Updating the firmware
  • After the update, with original sounds
  • Disco sound concept by Vader77; stay to the end for a special appearance

The PinSound Plus is more particular about the power supply than the original sound board. PinSound sells a power booster for systems that need it. My sound board–model 520-5050-00 rev C–has power in at connector CN2. I measure the voltage at pin 1: +5 VDC, pin 2: ground, pin 3: -12 VDC, pin 6: +12 VDC. So I do not need the power booster.

There is still some hum. That could be helped by replacing the original dot matrix display and speakers, both things I am planning. The DMD I’ll replace with a color display.


Sound downloads from PinSound Community