Sint Maarten 2022-Jul-27

Wednesday we set out for the Parrot Ville Bird Park. They’re a large netted enclosure full of birbs. As you enter you are issued a cup of seeds on a handle to attract the residents. It was an wonderful experience, and we did not get pooped on. But I did get bit this blue boy! Hiss!

After birbs we went over to the French side of the island to shop Spicymilo and get some spices.

Eating seeds like they owns the place.

You can do it!

Caught in the act!

Flying to Cat’s cup.

Just birding around.

Taking the leap.

Penguins taking a bath.

Birding around the box.

We caught these two canoodling.

Flying to Alex.

Video tip: put your camera down, pile some seeds in focus, wait for birbs.

“Oh dear, I wasn’t expecting company.”