Data East Star Wars – ColorDMD

I haven’t been able to work on the machine (or table, depending on your parlance) in a few months, but I have this update I did last year. Replacing the original orange dot matrix display (DMD) with a new ColorDMD.

And video with before and after goodness!

The ColorDMD instructions say the connecting cable on the ColorDMD board should have the red stripe facing the top and on the display board have the red stripe on the right-hand side. The picture below has this arrangement, with the picture rotated so the top of the board/display is facing up.

This did not work. Not sure if it’s an error in the instructions, or how I’m reading it, but to get the display working, I had to configure the connector as pictured above, with the red stripe on top on the ColorDMD board, but on the left side on the display board.

From ColorDMD