Data East Star Wars – Vertical Up Kicker Protector

With the shooter eject protector installed, am I done with all of Cliffy’s protectors? No, there is another.

I asked Cliffy if there was something for the hole for the vertical up-kicker by R2-D2. He said there’s a chance the orb ring from a Tales of the Arabian Nights might fit. I told him, never tell me odds.

I also said if he sent me one, I’d install it and try to take some pictures. He said, do or do not. There is no try.

Installation was straightforward. Remove the wire habitrail over the hole. Clean the area around the hole, first with naphtha on a clean cloth, then with the included alcohol wipe. Remove the paper backing on the ring and press into place. Replace the habitrail, and game on!

Cliffy’s Protectors at Passion for Pinball