Sint Maarten 2022-Jul-25

Monday the main activity was going into Philipsburg for some shopping. There were a lot of jewelry stores. Mostly jewelry stores. It was hard to find something that wasn’t a jewelry store. But I did find my reason for going to Philipsburg that day, Nick Maley‘s personal museum dedicated to his work in movie make-up and special effects. “The Yoda Guy”

When we got there there was paper taped to the door saying the museum was closed for a conference call. (It’s literally just Nick running the place, so hours are subject to his schedule.) But we didn’t have to wait long before the call was over, and Nick let us in. The rest of the fam took a short look around the shop–mom took a quick walk through the museum–and left to do whatever it is that they do. I stayed to take my time with the museum and chat a bit with Nick. We talked mostly about Lifeforce, which I hadn’t realized Nick worked on.

The shop has a lot of cool memorabilia from Nick’s career making films for sale, including items related to Superman, Krull, Highlander, and of course Star Wars. He has a lot of original pages from production-used scripts. He also has his own art for sale.

I knew I wanted something, so I spent a long time (long time) looking through everything Nick had. Of course script pages for the most iconic scenes are long gone, but there were a few that interested me, including a page from the scene from the Star Wars cantina showing Han Solo shooting before Greedo can draw and a page from the Battle of Yavin with Porkins (Red Six) so memorably played by William Hootkins.

In the end, since this was a visit to the “Yoda Guy” I decided on a Yoda print, which Nick graciously signed and personalized for me.

Quotes are from signs posted in the museum.