Sint Maarten 2022-Jul-26

Tuesday we took to the sea for snorkeling. We stopped at a couple spots. The first had a helicopter and other stuff submerged to be gawked at by tourists. There were a lot of fish, many attracted by the guy throwing bread in the water. I was not happy about this, as little fish attract big fish, and big fish bite people.

I have an underwater case for taking pictures in water, but was disappointed at the end of the day to discover the old phone I was using didn’t take any pictures under water. But it worked out in the end, as if I had fish pics from this day, I might not have gone snorkeling again later in the week. And that time we saw much better things in the water, and the old phone DID take pictures! So check these out, but stay tuned for fish pics later in the week.

Sea dog in action.

Heading to the snorkeling spot.

The airport was close to the water.

We got several close looks at landing planes.